Falling For My Boss (One Night Stand #3)

Falling For My Boss ( One Night Stand #3) By J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

This book was a very fast read and not really my style.

The heroine is an aspiring actress and in the mean time she’s working at a place called Candy Grams where you can hire people to do whatever you want them to do. She was hired to pretend to be a receptionist and seduce her boss. Then at the company’s party she has to give him a lap dance, where at the ending his friends will come in and say “suprise” as a prank.

Sounds cheesy? Yeah even I would say no to this. The heroine however, needed the money and agreed to do it.

I hated that the heroine was very indecisive when it came to her relationship with the hero and I would totally agree with the hero if he leave her. The hero was perfect but to me all he wanted her for was for sex. There was no sort of chemistry between the hero and the heroine and the ending was very abrupt.

In this book you’re left with a cliffhanger which to me was very predictable of the outcome. It was brought to my attention that there is also a novella called That Night With My Boss. But I don’t think I’ll find myself reading it or book 2 which is called Seducing My Assistant.



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