Jocked Up

Jockey Up By Summer Cooper

The story line of this book was very short and simple. I probably read this book in an hour and a half last night before heading to bed.

The hero lost his father and the heroine lost her mother, their remaining parent decided to get marry and make one big family. The heroine saw the hero on the day he moved into her house and instantly fell for him. Though he treated her badly when in the company of his friends, she still liked him. 

On the night of the heroine’s graduation she sleeps with the hero and when she woke the next morning he left without a word. He never called or came into contact with her for the next 6 years. But the heroine had her own secret, she was pregnant for him and lied to everyone about the baby’s father. 

Their parents decided to call off the wedding and everyone went their separate ways, except for the hero’s sister who is best friends with the hero. 

The hero becomes this big NFL player and decided to go home and he and the heroine my up back. To avoid spoilers you would have to read the book to know what happens after.

I hated that the heroine was such a b**ch at the beginning and I know she had her reasons but she could atleast kill the hero with kindness at the beginning. I also hated that she never actually talk to the hero about event that happen throughout the book. She just believed the worst in him.

The hero was an okay guy but I hated hoe ways it was for him to forget about the heroine. I would like to think that any guy who sleeps with a girl he was serious about  he ould fight for her when she doesn’t answers his calls. He even knows where she lives, he could have atleast showed up t her door and demanded answers.

I hated that this book time line was so spaced out. One minute something is happening now then the next chapter 6 months had gone by. To me the book was too short to have this happening. But aside from this the book was a good read.


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