Phantom’s Baby (Mob City #3)

Phantom’s Baby (Mob City #3) By Holly Hart 

I believe this is the second book in this series I read. I read book 1 as well and I don’t know why I skipped the second book. It was short and the plot was okay but there were parts that are a little boring.

The Heroine and the Hero had a fling two years ago that resulted in a pregnancy, but the hero never knew because he was placed in a cage for two years by his mafia father.  The heroine was living with her drunken, abusive father and decided to runaway from him.

On her grand escape she runs into the hero and he obviously saves her. They spent a night together and not once did she tell him about his kid. She thought that he got what he wanted from her two years ago and left her to live a life in luxury and many women. She leaves him in the morning just to run back to him later and then lied that the kid was her step sister and they needed help running away from her father.

Firstly, I hated that she lied. Throughout the book she was so weak. To me if you want to live a life with the mafia, you have to show bravery and the willingness to do whatever. She had none of these qualities.

Secondly, the part with the hero and the dog. So unbelievable. I know he had to be badass but I think that was a little extreme and what’s up with him cutting himself? 

The book was a good, quick read.


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