Pursuit ( Blood Bandits MC 1)

Pursuit( Blood Bandits MC 1) By Cora Black

I joined this author’s arc team and received this book for an honest review. I honestly do not like giving bad reviews because I am currently trying to write my own book and I personally know how hard it is to come up with writing materials. For this book however, it just did not work for me.

I reached about 60% through this book and decided to put it down. I usually take two days to read a book (depending on the number of pages) but this book took longer and I didn’t even finish reading it. It took too long to develop and I kept finding myself wanting to not read more.

The storyline was really great, but the plot took too long to develop. 

So from what I read, I understand that the heroine is a single parent mother who suffered from an abusive husband and decided enough was enough and left him. The husband however, did not like that she left and threatens her at work, she’s a waitress. The hero is in a MC and was eating at the restaurants where the heroine works the same day the abusive husband shows up. The hero intercedes on the heroine being attacked from her ex husband.

I hated that the heroine was easily scared and didn’t want any help from anyone. She is an ideal weak woman who in my opinion would always let her husband walk over her. She takes her daughter out of school all because the ex husband kept sending her threatening voicemails and text messages. She also refuse to leave home for an entire week because of that.  Before she keep the voicemails and text messages to built a case against him she would immediately delete it.

I hated the hero because when he slept with the heroine he went back to the club to find every one with a huge hangover form lastnight’
s party with naked women everywhere, he had to wonder if he was jealous or not. Not that he and the heroine was committed of anything but he showed up to her house unannounced and made himself at home with her kid. 

Anyways I may not like this book but I know some people would. If you want just give it a try but it wasn’t for me.


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