Gettin’ Dirty

Gettin’Dirty By Seam Moriarty 

This book was not all that I was expecting. There was parts I felt was unbelievable and parts where I wanted to slap the hero across his face. But all in all it was a good story line.

 The hero in this book is a hitman and it begins with him settling into an apartment. He finds it hard to settle anywhere and he was as not sure if he was going to stay there for too long so he goes out to pick up some junk food at a grocery store. He meets up the heroine, who is a single parent mother, at the store and follows her around till they reach the cash register and her card declines. Most of the grocery was for the baby so the hero decides to pay for her grocery. The heroine makes it known to him that she will not be sleeping with him just because he pays for her grocery. And the story continues..

The hero was too full of himself, I hated that he was very vain. He tells himself that he would be interested in himself if he was a girl. That he was hot and had a nice body. That attitude just made me want to hit him in the head. I also hated that he shows up at the heroine’s door and demands her to make him food because he don’t know how to cook. Also at the ending was very unbelievable, I can’t tell what was unbelieving with out spoilers so you’ll have to read it to know. 

The heroine also wanted some sense shake into her head. What type of mother allows a total stranger to play with her daughter. He could have been a pedophile and buying her grocery could have been a ruse to gain her trust.


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