Unmasked By Cassia Leo
So I finished reading this book last night and since I woke up this morning, I was trying to figure out how to put into words to describe this book. I didn’t like it but at the same time it wasn’t all that bad. Just so you know this book comes in three parts but there is also the box set which I read.
In this book, the heroine has split DNA and she looks scaryish to some people. Her parents lock her away in the basement and train her as a killer machine. On her 18th birthday she demands to live on her own and moves out, finding a job at a local gas station. The heroine wears a ton of make up to cover her skin and only leaves the house at nights. She even lives in the dark, never turning on any of the lights in her apartment. One night on her way to work she witnesses a murder and her life changes at that moment.
I really don’t like reading books where the heroine is portrayed as ugly but the hero acceptance of her beauty without actually seeing how she looks in the light makes up for that. I find it unbelievable about certain aspects of the storyline. I hated the second book (for reasons I can’t tell without giving away spoilers). The last volume in my opinion had more potential to be more.

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