Zendar: A Tale of Blood And Sand

Zendar: A Tale of Blood And Sand By K. T. Munson

I was really honored to be given the opportunity by the author to read this book but I was still a little skeptical whether or not it was my cup of tea. And let me tell you, it was more than my cup of tea. It was several cups of tea sweeten just right to quench my thirst
The story tells the tale of a princess (heroine) who is to be wed by someone she had never met. She will be leaving her home, never to return and start a family with this unknown man. On her way to her betroth, her aircraft was attacked and she was the only one to survive. She then meets the hero, who is a Liege, at the wreckage of the aircraft. The hero finds himself blinded by her beauty and held her captive. A windworld of romance starts.
These all put together make the story demands your attention. Also I loved that the heroine stood up for herself and was not a doormat when it came to the hero. I was however, a little confused at the beginning of the book because I had to familiarize myself with the various names of the different bloodlines. It was well written and I find myself looking forward to read the next book of this story line.

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