Smith(The Beckett Boys #1)

Smith (Beckett Boys #1) By Olivia Chase

Okay so to be honest when I first start reading this book I thought it was about 200+ pages, boy was I surprised when I reach about half-way into the book and that was it. It was well written, don’t get me wrong but I feel this story had potential of more. 

The Heroine is on the run from her abusive ex and she ends up moving to another state and starts a new job. She meets the hero who is the owner of the bar  she was in and he was a total asshole towards her. But she was willing to prove to him that she could fit into his rowdy bar so she shows up every night till the hero sees another guy hitting on her and realizes that he likes her and then he went to stake his claim.

The book to me fell short there was so much questions left unanswered and there was developments of various plots that was left hanging in the air. I think that was the author’s intention of drawing other audience in for the next two Beckette Boys book, and for readers like myself who may not read the rest of the series it was short handed. 


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