SKALS Series 1-4

Book 1: Sinister Kiss   

Book 2: Bound By Vengeance   

Book 3: Edge Of Obsession  

Book 4: Inferno  

By Adriana Noir

I find it disturbing that I like this book and that I just had to finish reading this series. It wasn’t my cup of tea but somehow I drank it up and then ask for more.

So this book was dark. I felt for the heroine and wished she had more backbone to stand up for herself and put a stop to the stuffs the hero did to her. But I guess she like this abusive relationship. I suppose she is strong since at the ending she kind’ve changed the hero a little but not by much. To me that little change made a big difference.

So the hero is an agent of a secret lethal, underground organization known as SKALS. They met when the SKALS team was on an assignment and the heroine accidentally barged into them and was going to be killed so that there was no witness, but then then the hero vouched for her and saved her life. At this moment in the book I thought it was all hearts and roses but boy was I wrong.

The heroine pledged not to say anything and to show her gratitude she accepted a date with the hero and they started a relationship together. 

From this point they had a really normal relationship then things started turn to the dark end. The hero was very possessive and protective of the heroine and when she does something he does not approve she is punished for it and I’m not talking about BDSM punishing. This is downright brutal punishment. 

At parts of this series I kept getting whiplash at the behavior of the hero. One minute he’s playful then he’s all serious. I would’ve been confused if I as the heroine, I wouldn’t know when to act a certain way or what to say at certain situations. 

But aside from that I liked the book. This is the first time I read a dark book and finished the series.




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