The Crescent Chronicles 

Book 1: Flight                           

Book 2: Focus  

Book 3: Found

By Alyssa Rose Ivy

This was a different type of supernatural book I’ve ever read. I would usually read about vampires or werewolves but this one got to me. I mean who would expect a bird/hybrid thing. I still really don’t get what they trully are. I mean they are supposedly birds but they have human features only difference is they have wings and are stronger. If you ask me they are angels.                      

Aside from their physically attributes I really really enjoyed this trilogy. I was drawn to it from the first page and just had to read the continuous books. I loved that the hero was protective and did whatever he had to to keep the heroine. Although I hate his methods of making her his.

The heroine is really strong and at times I want to just slap her. She made herself got kidnapped so many times that I could’ve predicted them. I liked that at the ending she did whatever she had to to save her friend although said friend was a major bitch and had everything happened to her that was expected.

This book was a page tuner and there are other novellas to this series. There is “First” which is the book in the hero POV and then there is “First and Forever” is also part of the hero POV and there is a bonus part with the wedding. A must read.

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