Alabama Summer #1

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) By J. Daniels

I really clicked with this book. It was a short read, funny and has that love-hate thing going on. 

I loved both characters and I totally called the romance between the hero and the heroine at the beginning when they were just kids. I like when they both realize that they were the boy/girl from the bar lastnight.

I hated that the heroine saw her innocence as something that needed to be rid of. The fact that she went to a bar just to be deflowered shows how much respect she have for herself. I say she got lucky that she actually knew the guy. I don’t think any female with respect for her body would want her first time to be like that and in reality I don’t think any girl would find a guy who actually cared that it is her first time. Much less make it as memorable as he did.

The hero at first was a jerk. Then again he was just a kid and we are only human. I think he changed and became a better person. I just don’t see why the heroine couldn’t see that. At the same time I hated that he used his kid to get brownie points. 

This book was well written and I may read the other books from this series.


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