The Kane Trilogy

Book 1: Degradation           Book 2: Separation        Book 3: Reparation    By Stylo Fantome

Mother of all mind blown. I can’t say whether I liked this book or if it was so dark and twisted that I couldn’t swallow the concept of the character’s relationship. If it should even be called a relationship.

Basically its about the small sister(heroine) sleeping with the big sister’s boyfriend(hero) because everyone think the big sister was Ms. Perfect. The big sister caught them and the small sister was like “F**k you all”. She was tired of trying to be what her parents wanted her to be and act like how they wanted her to act. She felt like that was not the person she saw herself. So after she was caught by her sister she called her parents told them and her sister off and left the city to pursue what she want.

Seven years later she’s working at a bar and a part time as a waitress at a hotel. At one of the hotel’s event she met her sister’s ex-boyfriend who she slept with and he pursue her. From there the book took a really non-relationship turn. A turn which I found really depressing. 

I thought somewhere in the middle of the first book where they reconnect that they would fall in love or some smuchie kind of thing. But no. Not even close. They had this open relationship which I find disturbing and the heroine loved hearing about the hero’s escapades. 

If I thought the first book was dark then I was really in for a surprise when I read the second book. The hero made me wanted to drive my fist through his face. He implemented the open relationship thing and when he saw in magazines and online that the heroine was hanging around with a famous sport person he went and did something so degrading that I would’ve beat the shit out of him, wreck his cars and kick him so hard where the sun don’t shine that he could never make it stand anymore.

All in all this was not my type of book. It made me felt terrible. I couldn’t understand their realtionship and refuse to read the third installment.

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