Fake Fiance 

Fiance By Fate By Jennifer Shirk

This was a quick and easy romance read. I enjoyed this book and was not annoyed neither frustrated with any  of the characters….Amm  well maybe a little annoyed at the heroine.

So this book is about this girl named Sabrina who believed a little too much in destiny and superstition. She believed that because her fiancé proposed to her on the same day her parents died years ago that it was a sign that her parents were telling that they were fated together. So when her fiance all of a sudden break apart their engagement she still held hope that they will someday get back together (beacuse they destined to be) although she keeps seeing him with a red head co-worker.

Jack being famous for the town’s most eligible bachelor and held a repitition for his many women has to convince his father and the board of the company that he is a serious man and is ready to settle down in order to get the promotion he needed to take over his father’s company. His father wishes that he would settle down with a girl like Sabrina.

When Jack forms a plan for Sabrina to pretend to be his girlfriend in return he would make her fiance jealous and realise that she is what he want, she agrees. The plan however starts to fall apart when they both realize that they have feelings for each other but neither one trully comes out to tell the other. And then it gets more interesting when Jack was forced to tell his father that they decided to get married.

All in all this book was really good. I hated that Sabrina was mainly focused on what Madam Butterfly tells her and what she feels was her destiny eventhough every odds were against it. At times I wanted to slap Sabrina across the face and tell her to wake up ad smell the coffee. She lived in her own bubble that has nothing to do with reality. 

But I guess thats what happen when you can’t deal with the harsh reality. 

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