Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid 

First Bitten (The Alexandra Jones Series #1) By Samantha Towie

I really enjoyed this book but hated the fact that the author decided to drop this trilogy. She is supposedly writing a novella to complete this series but I’m not going to be holding my breath on that.

The book is basically about this girl who was walking home with her friend after a night of drinking away the pain from her cheating ex boyfriend and ends up being attacked. She woke up in a strange house with this guy asking her what she was and then informing her that she is now a Vârcolac (a nightmarish vampire-werewolf hybrid.) What make matters worst is that fact that she is the only girl ever of her kind leaving her life in forever in danger.

The guy she’s with along with his brothers and father is a shifter. They decided to protect her but that all came crashing down when betrayal steps in.

I like stories with the love-hate thing going on, it makes when then hero and heroine decides to finally get together more intense. Nathan was an ass at the beginning I wouldn’t have given a crap about him if he treated me the way he did Alex at the beginning. 

I really felt for Nathan’s little brother. He fell for Alex and she didn’t notice till the ending. Like I noticed he liked her when they were cleaning out the horse stables together. I guess you don’t realize these thing till it’s too late. I hated what happened to him after. I think Samantha give his character an unfair role to play.

I really hated the last quarter of the book. Nathan became a more bigger dick towards Alex and I give her all right to leave his ass. But at the same time I felt a slight bad for Nathan. He was just trying to recover from his lost. 

Amm the second part of the trilogy is called Original Sins and I honestly didn’t read it. I kind of skim through it. Since the blurb talk about her with some other guy it threw me off. That and the fact that there wasn’t another book to complete the series. Like why would I read it if there was no complete ending?

 Anyways turns out this guy she met was one of the original Vârcolac who wasn’t all that bad. He actually helped her out and fell in love with her. But she eventually went back to Nathan like two thirds down in the book.

All of that aside, I think if the trilogy was complete I would’ve given it the praise it might’ve deserved. But I’m going to be leaving this review high and dry the same way the author did the trilogy.

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