Half Werewolf Half Hunter Series

Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood #1) By Heather Hildenbrand

This book was quite interesting. I could say it was by far more different from every other werewolf book I’ve ever read. 

It about this girl who was coming home after breaking up with her boyfriend at a date. She missed the bus and was waiting for another when she heard and saw a girl shaking in a corner. She went to help the girl but the girl changed into a werewolf and started to attack her. Acting on instinct she reach for a steal pipe and swung it to the wolf’s head and it turned into the girl again. Only now she was dead. Thats when she meets the hero of the book who inform her that she is a werewolf hunter and the girl was a werewolf.

Apart form all of that she finds herself drawn to him and he to her. She later finds out that not only is he half werewolf half hunter but she is also. And there is a war with the werewolves who don’t want any such peace between werewolf and hunter and The Cause. The Cause was a set of both werewolves and hunters who come together to form a peace among their kind.

At times, I found this book to be frustrated for the heroine. I understand that she has no idea about the life she was suppose to live being a hunter and all but I felt if she was told things nothing bad would’ve happen. I feel she would’ve been more prepared. 

Her mother made me want to drive her head into a wall. Everyone only wanted to protect her but no one really teaches her how to protect herself. Most of the book she was fighting on purely instinct. It was beginning to piss me off.  

I hate how it ended to me it should’ve been a stand alone book and didn’t need the drag along of a series. I don’t think I will be reading the rest of the series. It wasn’t as likable as I wanted it to be.

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