A Harleduin Book

The Greek’s Bridal Brgain By Malanie Milburne

This book was short and an easy read. I enjoyed that story behind it and all the past secrets which comes to light at the ending. 

The book is basically about rich girl and one of their housekeeper’s illegitimate son. The novel is a fast forward 10 years after Kane (housekeepeer’s son) was kicked out the Mercer’s house escorted by the police for destroying the garden which cost a fortune. He was never heard of after till now.

Kane is back for revenge from the Mercer family now that he is a billionaire. The only one he didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire is Bryony. But she was in the middle of it all and the only way he could keep her safe is to make her marry him and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. He even resort to blackmailing her. Although at that time she didn’t know it was for her own safety.

Bryony just felt hate towards Kane although she knew deep down she had feelings towards him. After the book progresses and past secrets are revealed Bryony don’t understands why Kane would help her and her family out after the way he was treated all those years ago.

I must say Kane has a heart. Although he was after revenge I think he helped the Mercer more than hurt them. Yes he tarnished the Mercer’s pride but the things he did for them far out weight that. If I Kane and I was going after revenge at Bryony’s father for what he did I would’ve done more worst things to him.

Bryony’s father drew the short straw. Lucky bastard. He didn’t deserve Bryony’s mother and her faithfulness. I hate men who think everyone else is beneath them. For that I couldn’t blame Bryony for the way she was. She was brought up with that instilled in her.

The book was a good read and if you’re look for a quick romance with a little mystery in it then this is definitely the book to read.    

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