Mafia Romance (Ruthless People series)

Book 1: Ruthless People

Book 2: The Untouchables

Book 3: American Savages

By J. J. McAvoy

Holy mother of hail mary. Let me just take this moment to catch my breath……..

Hats off to J. J. McAvoy you are now a goddess to me. I shall worshipp the pages of every book from now on that you write on. I shall praise every deity for having you on earth. 

When I say I really enjoyed this series it is an understatement of the year. I started reading the first book last year and was hooked from the very first page. I was barely holding on when I finished the first book and when the second book came out I felt like the days was taking forever to pass for the third. The cliffhanger in the second book made it so unbearable for the third book. March 19th took too long. If I could’ve bought this series for everyone to read I would’ve. 

This book is the ultimate mafia romance book. It was bloody and ruthless but at the same time it still had romance. 

 I fell in love with Melody Giovanni from the very first book. She would’ve been my role model if I lived life like they do. Liam Callahan stole my heart from the very first chapter. I like that he is all bad assery but when the day comes to an end he cared about love and family. I thought Melody was a bitch but then after reading the series I get that it was not her fault but the way she was brought up.

 There is not another person out there that complements each other than they do. This is the perfect arranged marriage ever. I think if Melody was like Olivia or Carolina, Liam could not have control the mafia and I totally called it about Olivia (you have to read to find out).

This book is a must read. You’ll fall in love with each and every page. 

The Callahan Family Rule #50

We are Callahans, if anyone ever disrespects us, don’t just end them, end everything they have ever cared about both past and present. Make them the example as to what happens when you fuck with the wrong family.


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