Billionaire Romance 

An Heir for the Billionaire  

By Terry Towers

This was an easy and fast read. I like that it was a simple and to the point. But to me the author could’ve developed the plot more.

So it’s basically about two high school sweetheart who reconnect at their 10 year high school reunion. Katrina is stuck as a server in order to pay the bills and just want to get out a little. Damon is a billionaire who just found out that he has lung cancer and reflects on all his past mistakes especially leaving Katrina behind.

Damon realizes that his life is a lonely one and he has no wife nor child to pass on his legacy to. When he meets Katrina after all these years he develops a plan to marry her and have her bare him a child. Katrina feels as if she never fell out of love with Damon and after learning about his cancer she agrees with his plan.

This book was very predictable and it had no twist to it. I was really looking forward for some sort of up and down to happen but it never did. But all in all it was a good read.

Damon, I spent years looking for the one person I was meant to spend my life with, but he never showed up. I realized when we reconnected at the reunion that the reason he never showed up was because I’d already had him – he’d been you all along. 

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