Werewolf Romance Trilogy

The Darkwoods Trilogy By J. A. Redmerski

Book 1: The Mayfair Moon                 Book 2: Kindred                    Book 3: The Ballad of Aramei

What a wonderful read. Words cannot descibe how much I fell in love with this book whilst reading it. 

One major reason why I was head over heels with this trilogy is because it was soooooo different form evey other werewolf books I’ve ever read. The werewolves were not like huge dogs that you would think (like how Taylor/Jacob would turn into in Twilight). From the description they were like those horror movies werewolf. Like this picture below..

Doesn’t paint a pretty picture for a romance novel does it? Well it actually did. I would admit though the book was kinda slow at the beginning of each book but then they pick off like at the middle making you not want to put the book down to miss the ending.

It had everything a romance/werewolf book would have combine. Your had the drama, jealousy, over-protectiveness, bossy, kill-her-you-die hype thing going on. 

I loved that in the second book both Isaac and Adria were opened to each other and didn’t keep anything to themselves. Although because of the bonding it would be difficult to keep anything apart they still kept their minds open to one another. 

Adria is very strong. I think if I was ever in her shoes and all of this was real I would’ve sign myself in a mental institution from the very beginning. From such a horrible childhood to werewolves I don’t think I could’ve keep a strong mental mind. So hats off for her.

I hated Issac’s father with every bone in my body. Men like him does not deserve to have that many children. I don’t understant how he can love Aramei that much and still have children with other mates. I also couldn’t understand why he kept her around so long eventhough she was in such vegetative state. I get that he love her that much but still no one deserves to live two hundred and something years like that. 

I really like this book and would advise many to read it. 

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