Werewolf book

Caged Moon By Rachel Deagan

I was not going to blog about this book because it annoyed me that much but my sister persuade me into doing this. Thats how much I really didn’t like this book.

Hate is such a strong word to use. So I didn’t really hate it as opposed to how much the heroine in this book annoyed the shit out of me. I wanted to slip into the pages of the book and strangle her. She made me so frustrated 65% of the time whilse reading.

As for the alpha the other 35% of this book he annoyed the living day light out of me. This book was one big keeping secrets, kissing and running away, hiding, not listening, not understanding and whole lot of irritated shit. Just doing this blog and remembering what I read is getting me frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong it was probably a really good book but it was just not my cup of tea. I hate books where people don’t communicate with each other and always face danger head on without waiting for others. It’s like watching a scary movie where one idot always decided that splitting up is the best thing.

The part that really get to my nerves was at the ending when Charolette went into the farm house looking for her friend and the guy (forgot his name) told her that whomever is in there is not her friend but a wolf, she was so determined to play hero that she went in. Like he is a werewolf and he was afraid to go by himself why the hell can’t you wait for the rest of the pack? It’s either she’s dead already or turned into a werewolf aint nothing you could do just wait your ass right were you at till the pack finds you.

There is another book that continues this series which I don’t think I would read. Sorry but really didn’t like it at all.

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