Werewolf Romance


Reviving Bloom (Bloom Daniels #1)       

 Enlightening Bloom (Bloom Daniels #2)

By: Michelle Tuner

This was a really good read. I enjoyed it and it had a lot of mysterious plots happening. It wasn’t boring nor predictable. This book was really “romancy”.

This book series was basically about this girl name Bloom who was abandoned by her mother from the day she was born and was raised by her father who never really got over her mother. Her father died leaving Bloom in depression since she had no other family member. 

This is when she met Pike who she thought was just a wolf who was caught in a trap set by her father before he died. Turns out Pike was her mate and she was also a werewolf. The story then picks up from there.

What I didn’t like about this book was the fact that the characters fall so fast from their mate. Like she find out that Pike was her mate today then the next week she was ready to move 9 hours away from the only life she knew to live with the guy she hardly know. Same with her mother who was a werewolf and fell in love with her dad, lived together for couple years (married) and the same day she gave birth to their daughter she finds her mate and decided the pull towards each other was enough to give up her just born child and the man who she married. 

Aside from that this was a really good book series. Parts was very funny. I like her friend Bonnie and her “kick assenss” in the last book. I was really hoping that this book was a trilogy but liked the way it ended.  

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