A Werewolf Romance Series

By Micalea Smeltzer

Book 1: Outsider

Book 2: Insider

Book 3: Fighter                                                        

Book 4: Avenger

Holly mother of all werewolf romance books. This was a fantastic read. 

This four series book tells the story of a girl whose parents were on the run from another werewolf pact their entire lives and failed to mentioned to her that she was a werewolf. She was sent to live with her grandmother during her senior year of high school were she eventually discovers the truth about her parents and who she really is. She met her mate who is also the Alpha and the story takes off from there.

I really enjoyed this series it had a little bit of everything that you would expect from a werewolf romance book. I like the fact that is wasn’t too muh of like Twilight werewolf thig going on. I’m super happy it was only about werewolves and no other paranormal beings.

What made me like it even more was that it wasn’t bias on who the alpha should be. Like I would think that the  responsibility of apha would be that of the guy only but I was happy to know that the girl was also considered an alpha. I did not like that they were not as matured as I thought they would be for alphas but I guess they tried as much as they could being as they had their childhood was ripped from them. 

I really loved the sense of humor that Caede’s brother had. He made the book such fun to read. He put live and happiness in most of the characters and when in time of sadness he made jokes to distract the pact from the matter at hand.

I really enjoyed this book and if I was the kind of person to re read a book this would definitely be one on the list of re reads.   

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