A Werewolf Romance Trilogy 


Book 1: Silver Moon                              Book 2: Black Moon                Book 3: Blood Moon  

 By Rebecca A. Rogers

This was an okay read. It wasn’t like a wow read but it was hmm…readable. 

It’s a basic werewolf/Rome-Juliet story. Girl finds out she’s a werewolf has a crush on her family’s rival son. The son disregards his family wishes and goes after the girl to make her his. Then the girl realizes that they were both destined to end the families long term bickering. They both set out to fulfill their destined faith.

I felt lost in some parts of the book. Like in the first book Ben’s “girlfriend” name was Lily and then the second book Ali appeared with no introduction, besides the fight between the two girls. Like who the hell is she? Where did she come from? 

Then when I was in goodreads reading some of the reviews before I got this book another blogger quote part of the book as 

“Listen, I —” he begins, but I lean over and place my index finger on his lips. “One day, Benjamin Conway, we can be friends. But, with the way things are right now, I don’t think that’ll happen in this lifetime” His lips graze my finger with a kiss before I pull it away. “Then I’ll wait for you in the next,” he says, and the way those words leave his body and hang in the air, breaks my heart. 

and that is what made me want to read the book but when I read it I got 

“Listen, I…”  I lean over and place my index finger on his lips. “Don’t say anything. It’s all right. I understand everything.”

which was a major kill for me.

The third book was the best. I enjoyed this book better than the first two. There’s a Prequel for this trilogy which I didnt read but I would advice to read it since it goes with the third book. It’s called Alpha Moon and it’s about how the werewolf curse arise.

What threw me off is that there was alot of plot that was developed but was just dropped. Like when they did the spell in the second book for both Daciana and Candra to share the same body what happen to Daciana’s soul when Ben and Candra travelled back in time? Isn’t there suppose to be two of them? Isn’t that the reason why they had to drop Alric off at some other timeline so that they would not have to deal with two of them? So why wasn’t Daciana still in Candra’s mind?

Like I said parts were very confusing but it was an okay read. I still think the author could’ve develop the plot a little bit more. 

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