A Marine Romance

Undeclared (Woodlands #1) By Jen Frederick

Marines aren’t soldiers; we are Marines. Only the Army has soldiers

This was a perfect Dear John book. It makes you want to go start writing letters to find your happily every after. If only there were more Noahs in the world. *sighs* 

What started out as a class project turned out as a four year commitment. Grace Sullivan had been writing letters to a Marine who she never met but falls in love with. But when his deployment ended so did his letters. Grace was left heart broken and vow never again was she going through this pain again.

Noah Johnson wanted to be everything Grace deserved. Growing up with an abusive father and a drunken mother with little to nothing, Noah was determined to be successful on his own. After achieving most of his goals he sets off on his last conquest – winning Grace back.

This book shows the many struggles that Noah goes through. He says in one of his letters to Grace that his greatest fear was of water (which he oversomes) but I felt his greatest fear was not being able to be accepted as who he is. I think thats why he became so ambitious after his deployment ended. I know where he was coming at when he didn’t write to Grace after he left the Marines. He wasn’t who Garce was looking for and Grace wasn’t ready, she was still trying to fit the pieces in her life together having just come out of high school.

This book was an excellent romance book and I would advice it to be part of your must read books.

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