Hustler/Boxer Romance

Make Me Yours (Forever #1) By Alla Kar

This book was very short and an easy read. I thought it could’ve used some improvements on the plot but it wasn’t hard to like.

College girl Layla is a hustler. She lives her life hustling rich, stupid college guys by playing pools. Her father’s number one rule, the last thing he says to her before being shot 

Don’t get too close, Don’t get caught 

is the only thing she lives by. That is however until she mets Taylor Jack, Fight Night Champion, three years running. Taylor has his own dark past but is determined to make Layla his. 

This book was very short and cute. I really was looking for something more boxery but I stumbled across this and decided what the hell might as well read it. 

I hated that Layla didn’t want to give Taylor a chance but I could see her concern for her friends and people who she lets close safety. I like that she was not only thinking of herself but for others. I’m happy that both she and Taylor opened up to each other and he was there to protect her everytime.

I hated the sudden cliffhanger but it made me want to read the next book so look forward for that review as well. 

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