‘Til Death #2

‘Til Death Volume 2 By Bella Jewel

Okay there is nothing that I can really say about this book without revealing the major climax of the book. This is by far the most emotionally draining book I had ever read. It is a fast forward of the first book so alot has happened. It has so much up and down that I just wanted to get the two characters in a room and lock them up and let them figure their shit out.

Okay so Marcus had what was coming to him but I still felt for him. I couldn’t blame him for the way he was brought up and I was happy when he still had hopes for life with Katia after a year and something had passed. I found it hard to believe that he stayed celibate for their time apart but then again the way he behaved when he wasn’t finding Katia I guess I could see that happening. 

As for Katia she was broken beyond repair for like the first half of the book. If it wasn’t for her and Marcus’ daughter she would have lost all hope. Of course she didn’t inform Marcus that he was a father till later on in the book. 

This book was very entertaining I think Bella did a really good job in keeping the readers wanting to read more. I really enjoyed this book and was happy that it was not a stand alone book. Once I started reading the first book I could not have waited to read the second. 

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