‘Til Death #1

‘Til Death Volume 1 By Bella Jewel

When I saw this book I thought that I wasn’t going to like it at all but boy was I wrong. I like the twist and that what-the-hell-is-going-to happen at the end thing it have going on.

Basically this book is about this rich but dangerous guy, Marcus who in order to have the company his grandfather left for him put in his name he needs a wife within the next year or else it goes to his grandfather’s friend. Now Marcus ran the company for the last 10 years without any interruptions until the death of his grandfather. What makes matter worst is that this woman who is to become his wife have to love him. She cannot be paid to be his wife and they must live for two years ( say goodbye to your playboy life style Marcus.)

Katia is too busy working for her pain in the ass boss in order to aid her mom who had a brain tumor surgery that left her paralyze to have any fun. On the night of her best gay friend’s birthday she bumps into Marcus who suprise suprise is her other best friend, Candy’s boss. Katie has only one thing on her mind is the quench the dry spell she had going on for the past 2 years and what better way to do it than playboy Marcus. Marcus has other things in his mind obviously and persuades Katia in dating him.

Next six months they are married and though Katia feels that their relationship is one sided she was all for making it work. From there everything that she thought was real became a lie. 

At the beginning I wanted to shoot the douchebag Marcus in the head for playing with Katia’s heart. I think he should’ve been upfront with her about the truth of their marriage. If he did and show her that the marriage can benefit them both of them it would’nt have end the way it did. I felt the hurt and betrayal Katia felt at the ending. I imagine the world of heartache she must’ve felt. She poured her heart out for Marcus who only treated her as one of his plaything. 

At the ending when Marcus let Katia go I kinda feel for him too though he totally deserved it. This was a really really good book and I am anxious to read the second volume.

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