Mine #1

Mine To Take (Mine #1) By Cynthia Eden

If you’re into the very obsessive, controlling, possessive, she-is-mine-and-mine-only kind of book then this is one of those.

Skye Sullivan is a famous New York dancer until tragedy struck in the form of an accident resulting with Skye losing the ability to dance as she did before. The accident confirms Skye’s suspicion that someone is stalking her and no one believes her. Scared, broken and only one person to turn to, Skye leaves New York to go to the one person who pushed her away 10 years ago.

Trace Weston knew Skye since they both were in foster care together. Now an owner of his own private investigation company after leaving the army, Trace vows never to leave Skye’s side anymore. 

I really enjoyed this book but I hate how everyone of Skye’s ex was still hung up on her. Like is she made of gold or something that they don’t want her to leave. And I really hated how Trace felt overly protective when they went to interview Skye’s exes. That was her past and it’s not like she was judging his past. 

But I have to say I like that even though they were no longer together I like how he was always there for her though she was not aware of it. And I like his possessive side. All in all I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone.  There is a second book which continues this story but I’m not sure yet if I want to read it. I felt that this shoud’ve been a stand-alone book. Maybe later in the future I would pick up the second book and read it.  Maybe who knows. 

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