Part 2 Mafia Romance

 Inevitable ( A KingPin Love Affair #2) By J. L. Beck

Okay just let me sit down and figure out how to begin my review about this book….

Holy mother of all cliffhangers. What an ending of the first book. I felt like I could’ve bash the head in of the hero in this book. Like it took you to getting shot by your “family” rather than the woman who saved your life to smell the freaking coffee? 

So this second book had alot more going on than the first one. More secrets were revelead and Bree has suffered tremendously. Alzerro deserved more than was handed to him. If I was Bree I would’ve made him work harder to gain my trust and heart back. She was too easy to forgive him.

In this book Alzerro finally opens up to Bree and decides he will do anything in his power to keep her safe even if it means giving up his life for hers. I could understand the suffering that both character faces and I admire how they could overcome those challenges just to be with each other.

I think Bree showed alot of bravery especially when she killed Mack at the ending. I think if Alzerro decided that he wanted to remain in the mafia she would’ve made a badass mafia wife. But at the same time I felt really touched that he decided to leave the life he had grown up in to start a new life just for his love for Bree. 

I guess love do conquers all. This was a really good read. I enjoyed it and would advise many to read it. 

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