A Mafia Romance

Indebted ( A Kingpin Love Affair #1) by J. L. Beck

I finish reading this book lastnight and from previously read mafia books this was a really good read. I was hung up on the male character from the beginning but by the end of the book I felt hatred towards the way he treated the heroine. 

This book started out when college student Bree, returns home for holiday break only to find her father tied to the chair with blood dripping down his face. She finds out that her father borrowed money from the mafia king Alzerro and cannot afford to pay the loan. In order to save her father’s life she gives herself to Alzerro as payment.

Alzerro acts like this tough, ruthless, blood craved, I-dont-give-a-damn person but from reading his POV I think it was all an act. He laters develop feeling for Bree but denys it thinking that caring for someone only cause weakness in his line of work. 

A lot happens within the book between the characters and it causes almost losing Bree for Alzerro to admit his feelings for her (in which she admits she feels the same). 

At the ending the cliffhanger causes me to want to go into the book and bitch slap Alzerro. Like really after everything Bree did?? Talk about trust issues. I guess because he thought his people were loyal towards him. Anyways I can’t wait to finish reading the sequel of this book. Th cliffhanger just leave you needing more.  

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